sulfur and high Ph two different systems which to choose

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    Oct 17, 2007
    I heard it is not so common to have high ph added to sulfur. Lived in house for 20 years had a vinegar feed into retention tank for high ph and something that sucked in air (like a nozzle) for sulfur followed by sediment then carbon cartridges. Water never tasted good never really got rid of sulfur smell. We used bottled water to drink which was fine we got use to rotten egg smell. Retention tank started leaking so figured would try new companie with new advice. Probably sulfur bacteria... slime in toilet tank. Culligan has two chemical feed injection pumps one for chlorine one for vinegar to retention tank to back washing carbon filter... cost $2500 and $3000. Kinetico uses a dealkilizer (seems to be anion exchange water softener works same way with salt) followed by sulfur guard. Sulfur guard cost $2900 waiting to see price on dealkilier he says it is expensive. Calling other comanies on Monday. Any suggestions my brain hurts from researching. Worried about chlorine injection and by product and septic system. Worried about Kinetico and if it is sulfur bacteria he says not a problem shock well, first with vinegar followed by chlorine. have to do something but hate to spend a lot of money if the water still doesn't taste good. Please help any advice greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
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    Disposable cartridge filters were/are a really bad choice, as was the air injection.

    What is the raw water pH?

    How much iron and hardness?

    Is this "sulfur" odor in both the hot and cold water or just the hot?

    Slime means IRB (iron reducing bacteria), not SRB. You probably have naturally occurring H2S gas and IRB.

    A chlorination system will not harm a septic system. I suggest an inline erosion pellet chlorinator, mixing/retention tank followed by a carbon filter using special carbon. And you don't have to babysit an inline chlorinator (at all) like you constantly do with solution feeders.

    Using a chlorination system including carbon, does not allow chlorine by product problems but, very few wells have the right water quality (high organic content) to cause THM by products.

    Why don't you want to be a DIYer and buy online and install it yourself instead of spending a small fortune for proprietary equipment that only the one'n only local national brand dealer can service and get parts for? Or do you want to be an independent DIYer and that's why you're here?
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  4. a2it

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    Oct 17, 2007
    Thank you for answering.

    I don't have all the numbers. I was told Ph was at 10 no iron not hard water and sulfur he said he didn't have to test he could smell it. Sulfur bacteria because of slime in toilet tank. Learned cartridge filters were bad after the first month of original system. Except for lowering the ph which I knew the original system did because of having to test it with pool test kit. I never felt original system worked at least to make the water drinkable. Just didn't do anything about it till retention tank started leaking because we live near where we can get free water from a state park that has a pipe with continuous water flowing out that many people in our area and people from afar come for drinking water.

    Supposedly just the high ph and sulfur. Kinetico didn't even test the water he just went by what equipment we had already installed.
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