Sterling Shower melted?

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  1. Sincraft

    Sincraft Member

    Feb 4, 2006
    Has anyone seen or heard or know what I can do here?

    I have a Sterling shower that I installed a month or so ago, drywalled - painted - put shower doors in etc and today decided to clean the thing to finally use it.

    Prior to installing the shower, I noticed that on one wall, there was a very sticky area. About a 8" square area, you know as if there was a sticker there and left it's glue behind. Didn't bother to clean it off because hey, it's gonna get real dirty during install, drywall, paint etc so I held off until today - project completion.

    WELL I decided first to get the major portion off with a sponge and some warm water. No soap at this point.

    Well after a minute of swirly the area, I noticed that the wall was very shiny in the middle. I rubbed my nail over the area and a ton of this glue goop was coming off then suddenly a small area about the size of an eraser top - comes popping off down to the fiberglass.

    After screaming what the ***K, I noticed that the textured surface can be easily removed in the sticky area now warmed up with my fingernail. It's a different color under slightly and obvious too because of the difference in depth and shine.

    This is horrible. Still very sticky there because I didn't want to continue cleaning it.

    Obviously there is something wrong here. It's like something never fully cured or, some chemical on the sticker or a combination of things 'melted' this top coat.

    I used NO chemicals or anything on this shower. The sticker on the shower recommends some pretty harsh stuff for the first cleaning (MEK, ACETONE Etc) which I can't imagine would be good for the surface.

    Not sure what to do. This would be a huge task to remove this wall as I would have to redrywall, redo the shower door, repaint the whole wall as it is semi gloss dark. Just a giant cluster.

    Suggestions? Sterling is closed atm, will call during lunch on Monday obviously. But anything else I can do? What may have caused this?


  2. Sincraft

    Sincraft Member

    Feb 4, 2006
    Semi resolved.
    Called. Kohler was very cool about things but told me that the sticker which mentioned what chemicals I could use was VERY WRONG and should not have been placed on there..
    Sent to Tech support after tier 1 support.

    Tech support stated that tier 1 support didn't know what they were talking about, those chemicals are fine. :confused:

    Tech support seemed to be able to finish my sentences as I was describing the issue..

    Field tech came out to the house a few days later, stated I might have to pay for the service AFTER they serviced the shower...I laughed and said it's ok - wouldn't pay anyway after all, I didn't call you - Kohler did. :)

    Alas, in the end the verdict was, that there was a nick in the finish...kohler repaired it and top coated it with cheap spray. The spray I was able to scratch of with my nail was the topcoat...and the piece that fell out was the poor repair job. The repair guy did a great job but told me I couldn't clean it with anything but water and a VERY gentle swirling of the sponge.

    Nice, how much do you want to bet that this area yellows and eventually degrades.

    Whatever, keeps me from having to remove the wall at least for about a year I figure...hopefully by there I'll be more sane with all my projects and have time to do it correct if it bothers me...or maybe I'll just sell the damn house and build new lol

    Anyway - replying to my own post hoping that it helps someone out..

    Good day....
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  4. Nate R

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    Milwaukee, WI
    Thanks for the update! All too often we never hear the outcome of problems like this.
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