sink tailpiece with bung for RO filter brine water. Quiet.

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    Apr 27, 2007
    Is there any such thing? I am tired of the racket my undersink RO filter makes dribbling the wastewater through a saddle drilled into the top of the garbage disposal lateral pipe. No leaks, but noisy as hell.

    Surely some enterprising young man has addressed this market with a sink tailpiece that quietly trickles the water down the side of the drainpipe into the p-trap through an angled inlet? It needs to mate up to 1/4 polyethylene tubing.

    Or would moving the saddle to the sink downpipe instead of the disposer lateral be enough to quiet it? It is a permeate-pumped 45 gallon per day RO and seems to put out a decent wastewater stream, at least for an RO filter.
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