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I am remodeling my steam shower. My wife has her heart set on having two shower heads in this remodel. Problem is, I have only 1 wall in the shower that is an interior wall. I am looking for advice on best methods for putting PEX in an exterior wall.

I am located in NJ - we get freezing weather in the winter, but usually is in the 30s most winters. Can I put the shower controls and PEX in the exterior wall with bulky insulation, both on the walls and on the pipes? Would it be better to put the controls on my interior wall and run the pipes through the attic, or is the exterior wall installation ok with appropriate insulation?

If all else fails I can drain the pipes in that shower head on very cold days... right?

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I would put a shower on an exterior wall, but I would also make sure I designed the insulation for it. I personally would line the exterior sheeting with foam (1"thick pink board) then caulk the joints to seal it. Then I would use standard fiberglass or mineral wool with the uninsulated pipes right up against the back of the drywall (or whatever wall board your using). This would keep the cold away from the piping and encourage the heat from the room to heat the pipes.
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