Rust Stain Under Your Shower Arm: WHY THIS HAPPENS AND HOW TO STOP IT

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    So my hunch about my clients new condo was confirmed today when I went to work. I removed the Kohler K-8520 Shower Arm and found exactly what I thought. A machine screw - the non stainless steel kind. What a gong show. Who uses these types of fasteners for their clients projects?

    I had to download the install instructions for the Kohler shower arm with soap dish because it is a little tricky to take down, having never installed one before. Thank god for IPhones and Safari.

    If your a homeowner, builder or contractor. Make sure your plumber or tile man does not use anything but stainless steel screws to install these fixtures. This shower is less than six months old. My best client bought it and now this rusting mess is my problem. I hope I can clean it up.

    The Kohler K-8520 shower arm design is crap. It needs a little dam inside the lower support post and perhaps a weep hole. What Nuclear Engineer designed this fitting with the ability of the soap dish to drain into the support? Genius. I want the slap the dude upside the head with the hand held....

    Have a look at this mess....



    I like how the soap dish show cases the water collection inside the fixture. Thats a nice touch. I wonder it that option costs extra?

    This photo I found online. Surely there is some kind of rusting issue in this tub filler....

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