Rough drain PVC wall opening heights - slope

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    Installing a new DWV system (sch. 40 pvc) in my small cottage. Need to know the centerline of the rough drain heights (stub outs) for the:
    kitchen sink (and is there a separate height for the disposal line), the bathroom sink, and laundry.

    Also curious about technique of sloping both 3" and 2" sch. 40 pvc drain lines to the septic in the crawl space under the floor. Doesn't sloping the drain lines (which I know one has to do) "cock" the closest flange...or do you rely on a bit of flex to accomodate this slight drop - also with a longer run of kitchen drain pipe as well. Using 2" for tub with shower, laundry, and 4" to 3" for the toilet closet flange.

    Thanks for the help. Also, would you work from the Septic line toward the individual drains, or start with the new drain lines and then connect to the septic line. No drains there at all - removed.

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    Plumbing Rough In Dimensions

    Drain Pipe: About 16-20 inches above floor. We will consider the drain pipe to be a vertical centerline.
    Supply Lines: Two holes. One hole is 4 inches to the right of centerline, another hole is 4 inches to the left of centerline Vertically, both holes are about 2-3 inches above the drain pipe.
    Placement of Sink: Vertically, the sink should be about 31 inches above the floor. Measure up to the rim of the sink.

    Toilet Rough-In Dimensions
    Supply Line: One hole, between 5-10" above the floor. Off-set this supply line from centerline by five inches.
    Discharge Hole: Off-set this hole from the wall framing by 12 1/2". Consider this hole to be centerline.
    Tub Rough-In Dimensions

    Shower Stub: 80". This is the highest point, the place where the shower nozzle will go. We will consider this centerline.
    Tub Spout/Stub: 26"-35" high. Place this on the centerline.
    Faucets: 10" above tub spout. Place one faucet 4" to the left of centerline and the other faucet 4" to the right of centerline.
    Drain: Place drain on centerline. Total opening for drain access can be between 10"-14" off-set from framing, and 6"-8" wide.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    quiote; Tub Spout/Stub: 26"-35" high. Place this on the centerline.
    Faucets: 10" above tub spout

    That will put the faucet between 3 and 4 feet above the floor. I have NEVER installed a tub faucet that high. THe spout is usually 6-8 inches above the tub and the valve 6-8 inches above that. A shower valve will be mounted about 3-6" above the floor.
  5. Tom Sawyer

    Tom Sawyer In the Trades

    Nov 29, 2010
    I like to read either the directions or the cut sheet that comes with the fixtures. When you guess at it you quite often wind up having to use non standard length supplies and tail stocks or waste time fiddling with things.
  6. bluebinky

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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Drain fittings have the 2% (1/4 inch/foot) angle built in to them. I would assume the closet flange does too. Regardless, with plastic pipe, joints can be "bent" enough before they set up...
    You want the pipes to be straight (no high or low spots) -- not "flexed".
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