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    People, please be advised that gardening can be an inherently dangerous job. This fatality involved a rented rotary tiller...

    Kachina Village woman killed in gardening accident

    Tuesday, July 07, 2009

    A 56-year-old Kachina Village woman was found dead in her back yard Friday from an apparent accident involving a rented rotary tiller.

    A neighbor found Donna McQuain pinned underneath her deck, apparently killed by the gas-powered tiller she had been using in her yard. A Coconino County Sheriff's Office investigation found McQuain had apparently been walking backward with the machine in reverse gear. She had bent down to get underneath the deck and backed up against a pillar supporting the deck, when it appears the tiller continued to move backward, pinning McQuain at the neck between the pillar and the tiller's handle.

    Investigators did not find any evidence of foul play.

    The Coconino County Medical Examiners Office is further investigating the case.

    McQuain was a staff member at the Northern Arizona University School of Nursing.

    From our local paper July 7, 2009

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