Relocating Kitchen Sink in CA. Help with DWV route please.

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I am in the planning stages for a kitchen renovation in California. I plan to relocate my kitchen sink from a peninsula to an outside wall. The move will require a completely new DWV run. The route I am proposing will not require cutting any studs or joists but I will need to cut out a portion of the subfloor to provide access for the lateral run. I will be installing a new roof in the near future so roof penetrations are not an issue. A new vent can run vertically from the fixture through the roof without any problems but there is a window on a lower floor directly below the sink. My main question is can the waste line run laterally for a short distance with proper slope (34" on 2" pipe) before going vertical and if so, how far can it run laterally? I am not planning to do this work myself, but before I contact a plumber I want to have a general idea as to whether this will work and meet code.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Two story house. The kitchen is on the top floor. Relocating sink to location as shown in sketch.
2” ABS pipe.
There is a window on the lower floor directly in line/below the sink so the waste cannot route vertically without a short lateral run. The lateral run will be in the floor joist cavity and will run parallel with the joists.
After the lateral run, the waste pipe continues all the way to the crawl space under the house where it can connect to the main 3” waste line.


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The only limit is from the trap arm to a vent, it's 8', after that no limit. The other limit for 2" pipe is the total number of fixture units.
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