Quiet flush toilet recommendations?

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Manny Longfellow, May 17, 2014.

  1. Manny Longfellow

    Manny Longfellow New Member

    May 17, 2014
    We need to install a toilet adjacent to a meditation space. Quiet flushing and quiet refill are very desirable features.

    This is a new installation into a tight space. Compactness is desirable, but least noise is the primary consideration.

    Are certain flushing systems quieter than others?

    Are certain manufacturers known for quieter toilets?

    Are certain model toilets famous for being quiet?

    Is retrofitting a stock toilet with a "quiet re-fill" valve sensible, or not worth the bother?

    Does anyone have specific model recommendations?

    Our budget is on the low to mid-range side of things. Nothing gold-plated, please. Funds are tight.

    Thank you for your kind assistance.
  2. wjcandee

    wjcandee Wise One

    Apr 27, 2012
    New York, NY
    A gravity-flush system is always quieter than a flushometer flush or a pressure-assisted flush.

    I think Toto's old Power Gravity flush was even quieter than its current GMax and Double Cyclone flushes, but the latter are superior in evacuating waste.

    How loud a toilet seems while it is refilling is going to be a function of a number of things, such as acoustic characteristics of the room, how insulated the walls are, etc. Some valves have a little more rushing noise than others, but water pressure will also affect that. The Korky 528 Quietfill Maxperformance fill valve seems quieter to me than the typical Fluidmaster 400A that is installed in many toilets. Some Toto toilets come with the 528; others use one of several fill valves, depending upon factory and supply. A new fill valve is a 15-minute-or-less DIY job, and the part is about $11. (I can do one usually in less than 5 minutes.) So replacement of the valve is an option if it's noisy upon refill.

    I find that the other fill valves that Toto uses sometimes squeak or "chirp" on shutoff; the 528, most of the time, just shuts the water off quietly: it's flowing, then it's not. But these are mechanical devices subjected to a variety of operating conditions, so how they function in one installation can differ from another. Sometimes just replacing it with a new copy of the same valve can make that chirp go away. The 528 is the one I find to be most-reliable in that regard, however. I pulled a 400A out of an old toilet and replaced it with a 528. The toilet takes about 5 seconds longer to refill, but the rushing sound is greatly-reduced and there is no sharp sound at shutoff.

    One other consideration is refill time (i.e. how long does it take to refill). A good 1.28gpf toilet with gravity flush is going to refill pretty quickly, so the rushing water sound is over quickly.

    The flush is the noisiest part, particularly on a pressure-assist flush; the refill is usually quieter.

    The Toto (original) Drake 1.28gpf toilet, CST744E, is a good workhorse toilet that you can buy in the $200 range (street price in white; MSRP much higher, but $200-ish is a price at which it is available). If you need an ADA-compliant version, it's a little more, model CST744EL. You can put an "open front" seat on it if you have a commercial space. Its gravity flush is pretty quiet; I have two.

    I have used the old Toto Ultimate MS854114 (with no letter-suffixes in the model number) uses the old Power Gravity flush and may be a little quieter, but probably not meaningfully-so. It's a 1.6gpf toilet, and so may not be available for sale in California. The models with suffixes (MS854114E for example) use the same flush as the Drake, so won't be quieter, although the one-piece design of the Ultimate (or Ultramax with the suffixes) may be a little quieter.

    Good luck and come back with any more questions.
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  4. Manny Longfellow

    Manny Longfellow New Member

    May 17, 2014
    Thank you, wjc. I appreciate your response.

    $200-$300 is great. No, it is not ADA. No, it need not be commercial.

    From your response, from reviews on-line, and from similar threads here, I am starting to conclude:

    "Just go Toto!"

    Sound about right, folks?
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