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Yes, Plumbing computer programs.

The program that I have been running for service work and construction plumbing is put out by a small firm in Yakima Washington. With this program, I have been able to replace most of my techs and plumbers with smart drones. The advantages of the smart drones, is their persistence on any plumbing problem. Boredom is not a problem, and they are always ready to work on Monday morning. It used to be that large jobs with heavy cast iron pipe would wear down the men. Excessive drilling and lifting of heavy pipes would reduce most of a crew to running copper until they recovered, leaving the hardest work for me.

The software for the thinking ability of the drones was developed with the help of Bud Hardman, Terry Love, hj and Dale Peck Many of their time saving moves were incorporated into the logic scripts. Thousands of plumbing situations are programmed into each one, constituting the equivalent experience of many master plumbers. Holes through studs are straight and level. Inspectors comment on the clean workman like jobs. You will never see a drone resort to adding up fixture units on a napkin. But wait!

I've just received news that the Yakima smart plumbing drones have a glitch in the program that is forcing a recall. They blame some of the problems on Rod Stine's sense of fairness somehow getting into the logic loops. In last weeks WTO they went berserk, pushing dumpsters into the street and painting,

"We do want breaks!
And we'll do what it takes
Pay us more dollars
Or we're sure to holler!"

on the sides of the dumpsters.

Do you suppose this is Bud's programing influence?

In spite of their master plumbing programing, the Inspectors were noticing plumbing that was serious
" Not to code!"

When efforts to patch in SylvanLMP programming as a fix, they then went on a water heater installation rampage, redoing all of the illegal water heaters in the downtown core to strict code compliance. This forced the downtown merchants to pay large amounts of their reestablished business income this week, to water heater plumbing repairs.

When Trump was asked whether drones would be included in health care talks, he merely snorted and said "Not on my watch!"

Bernie Sanders rushed to the aid of smart drones everywhere and offered to be arrested, but the police were no longer arresting anyone.

Finally on rain slicked streets, an out of control Brinks van slid through an intersection and took out the remaining drones, leaving them in a heap of scrap metal. Thus ending for now the saga of the plumbing smart drones.
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