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Jay Vining

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Hey there!

Thanks to all your help earlier last year I have a very nice water filtration setup in the house.

Everything is working great....although I'm used to the soft water now and it makes me think the softener isn't working but thats okay.

Well and it keeps a bit less water in the brine tank than I would like.

But I get stains in the toilet that I believed were iron and started to get concerned. Upon closer inspection.....they are pink. I've read its an airborne bacteria? Aside from not being slobs and cleaning more often. Any tips to keep these at bay?

Thanks guys!


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Hudson, Florida USA
Clorox tablets in the toilet tank... a must.

Not to hijack this thread but I'd honestly never thought about this. Is there really any difference between the tabs made for your toilet and those Clorox sells for pools? The pool tabs are a lot cheaper and I have a bucket of those on hand all the times.


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Roger that I will give them a shot!

Would they harm the septic?
If they are the slow-release type, I expect not.

I know somebody who uses slow release pool chlorine tablets in the tank like that, although he knows he is not supposed to. He figures he can replace the flush parts pretty easily.

The Fluidmaster Flush n Sparkle, and Kaboom Scrub Free bleach cleaners are good, because they go in series with the bowl-refill tube and dump the chemical down the overflow to the bowl. The Kaboom can be reloaded, not only from the product they sell, with a slow-dissolve swimming pool or spa chlorine or bromine product. They put no chemical into the tank water.

The downside is that they pass the refill water through the gadget and more tubing. So it is possible that they could reduce the refill. If you used a refill with an adjustable refill rate fill valve, you may be able to compensate.

If you sanitize your well and plumbing, you may get rid of the bacteria. Summer is a good time for that. is my writeup. If it does not get rid of your pink ring bacteria, it will have good effects other places in your system.
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