PEX and recirculating hot water system - branch, home runs, or?

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    Sep 21, 2009
    As part of a bathroom remodel, I'm replumbing with PEX and adding a recirc loop on the hot water. It's an L-shaped single-story ranch, with hot/cold supply in the garage, 50' from the two bathrooms I want to replumb (one at the corner of the L, and the second 10' down the "leg"). I'll run a dedicated return loop, but I'm stuck pondering how best to do the supply side.

    Normally I'd do manifold/home-runs, but not sure how that fits with a recirc loop -- seperate returns, branched return, check valves,...? Or do I run one line supplying both baths, with the return loop at the last drop? If I do a single line supplying both baths--- one of the baths has a multi-head shower and a large tub, both with 3/4" valves -- would I run a 1" supply? (seems overkill since both baths are currently supplied by a single 1/2" copper run -- pre-remodel with the bigger tub/shower valves)
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