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    Hello there ;

    I hope this is a right spot to land this instering challange here,

    Anyway,, i got a service call today at one place and this have oil fired water heater and it was malfunctiong got the control box went up the smoke with wrong voltage how this happend ?? i was not sure but the HO was messing around the breaker box and got the water heater on 240 v instead of standard 120v :eek: for oil fired unit [ this is a bracket (sp?) burner head ]

    anyway myself and one of my freind [ he is cerfied HVAC ] and we both have to rebuilt the control box and i did undo the HO's mess on the wiring side.

    anyway the question is there is a 30 gallon oil fired water heater on market or not this is about 20 year old water heater i dont know how long it going to last so if you have any idea who the manufacter still making this size of water heater ??

    many thanks for your time ,

    Merci , Marc

    P.S. the fireing rate is at .75GPH in case you want to know the burner rate is
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    I think you meant Beckett.
    I'm not a big fan of oil water heaters.
    When a customer has no propane or NG service I recommend electric over oil, mainly the expense of installation/maintanence vs their gas & electric counterparts.
    Or I have them install an indirect to the boiler.
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