New. Revolutionary skincare shower attachment.

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Imagine a new simple shower attachment that shortens shower time, provides better and cleaner bubble bath like skincare without dirty bath water scum, removes caustic pH spikes of directly applied body wash or soap, saves energy, water & time and ... protects shower users from deadly and harmful Legionella pneumophilia (pneumonia), Mycobacterium aviumand and other pathogens*. This is bödysöf-WASH.

*According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention and Colorado University studies "showerhead waters have been implicated in disease. … microbes of potential public health concern are enriched to high levels by the showerhead environment.” bödysöf-WASH automatically mixes body wash (detergent) into shower heads to “retard and probably prevent biofilm build up” of such deadly or harmful pathogens.


How it operates: Run shower normally. Simply press and release the wall mounted Handle to transform your shower water into a soothing soapy mixture. Then 'hands-free', wash in a wonderful spa-like shower that automatically times-out to clear water. Repeat as desired.

Through you, your readers/viewers have an opportunity to be on the ground floor of this revolutionary patented skin care device starting next week.

William Craig, Founder, bödysöf LLC


telephone: 1.650.427.9889

Kickstarter “Preview” with video and photos:

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