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I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal today called "The Top 10 Upgrades To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar". (I would put the link but it requires a subscription; however, if you google the article name, you can read it for free from Google.)

One of the top suggestions was the Neorest. Some of the suggestions seemed faddish: light-color quartzite countertops (as opposed to a different color or material), vaulted ceilings, etc. Others seemed like a more-enduring trend. Bidet toilets and seats have continued to grow in popularity; interesting to see that they are now are so sought after in some places!

It has long been said that the kitchen and bathrooms are the things that sell a house, and most smart flippers focus their efforts there, so it's no surprise that people are trying to differentiate those areas. Still, it was interesting to see how fancy the bathrooms in pricier condos and homes have become. And good on the Neorest for now being recognized as a "must have" item in condos over $1 million!

For me personally, it's nice to know that that 1900s claw-foot standalone bathtub in the tiny bathroom adjacent to a home office is officially now cool again. We used to use it to wash the dog. Now maybe that's the first thing we would show a prospective buyer if the house were ever for sale! :)
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