Need help installing American Standard Boulevard Luxury Toilet Seat

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    Nov 30, 2012
    We have a Cadet 3 Ovation one piece toilet. The toilet seat that came with it wasn't close enough to the white of the toilet for my husband. You know how many whites there are. The HD website also had a different toilet seat pictured than what was provided. So American Standard sent us the matching color, matching picture seat. It is the Boulevard toilet seat. It installs differently than the stock one. This one has plugs that need to be wedged into the toilet seat holes to keep the skinny bolts secure from wiggling around. Then you screw a nut on the bottom.

    Problem is, the plugs are bigger than the holes provided in the toilet. We tried spray silicone and muscle but they wouldn't go in. The other problem is these plugs are sort of a two piece model that have a section with fins on the side toward the top, then a couple wiggly tabs that connect to the bottom piece that has the actual threads for the screw to bite into.

    I could not figure this thing out and the instruction picture was too small to help, so I decided to cut them apart and install half from above and half from below. I got the seat on this way, but it wobbled. Husband called American Standard and the lady said I shouldn't have cut them. She's sending more, but the only help provided was to insert the screw into the plug and tap it in with a hammer?

    Anyone have experience with these seats? Is the problem that they don't usually go on this model of toilet? We don't dare try and sand down the inside of the toilet bowl holes do we?
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