Navian NPE-240A with leaking circulation pump in Texas storm:(- loop around it?

Discussion in 'Tankless Water Heater Forum' started by wp746911, Feb 20, 2021.

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    I am in Austin, Texas. I have a Navian NPE-240A. I had water circulating through it during the recent snow storm. The power went out, and I kept the water flowing through it thinking that would prevent freezing. Well it didn't- and it froze over in the circulation pump, with water leaking out of the back of the circulation pump when under pressure. It was previously setup for internal circulation, with the 2 way valve set to 'internal'. If I now turn the two-way valve to 'external' it stops leaking when under pressure.

    Can I set the dip switches to 1-off, 2-off, 3-off and set the valve to "external" and use it for now until I get the part -circulation pump-fixed?

    It's a disaster here and very difficult to get a plumber.
  2. breplum

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    By turning off the dip switch 2, the pump won't run. So, all dip switches in down position should do it.
    But the flow chart from Navien shows that water always runs through the pump no matter how the "2-way valve" aka Internal/External is set.
    Navien has customer service available every day seven days a week.
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    If the house is not equipped with a recirculation loop, there will be no piping connected to the recirculation return connection. By placing the 2-way valve to the external setting, no water will be supplied to the pump inlet and the check valve after the pump will prevent water from flowing in reverse through the pump.

    Without the pump running, the temperature within the buffer tank will not be maintained so the resulting hot water initially flowing to faucets will likely be tepid after there has been no hot water use for several hours such as overnight.

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  5. PlumbNuts

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    Feb 11, 2021
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    With dip switches 1-3 set to off the pump will not run, if the leak stops when under pressure then leave the switches off until you can get assistance.
    As long as it is not leaking then you will not be causing any additional damage; you will just have to wait longer for hot water. (but then that is better than no hot water at all). Hang in there.
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