Miele highloop and internal vent

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    Jan 11, 2020
    Hi folks,

    My first post, so thanks for having a look.

    My old Bosch DW died after 20+ years. Bought a new Miele 4228 scu. Gotta love those Germans.

    It is a bit of an odd install since the DW is not next to a sink drain. The power, water feed and drain all come up from the floor. I had a high loop on the back of the Bosch and it was connected into a horizontal abs drain line. This worked fine with no issues. Now getting ready to install the new machine and was reviewing the manual. There is a comment in there that indicates the following:

    from the manual
    Venting the drain
    If the on-site drain connection is situated lower than the guide path for the bottom basket rollers in the open door, the drain must be vented. Otherwise a siphoning effect during a program can cause the appliance to empty itself of water.

    There is a vent in the base of the maching that can be opened.

    The question is do I still need a highloop on the back of the maching when this vent is opened?

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