Managing 45 gpg Hardness and 10ppm Iron

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    Apr 11, 2014
    I'm trying to figure out what the best water treatment system is for my new well. The water test came back with 10ppm iron (mostly ferrous) and 45 gpg hardness. I plan to use an iron filtration system as a first line of defense. For the softener, the calculations on hardness alone (45gpg*5 people*75 gal*7 day regen cycle) says I need a huge softener to have good efficiency with salt consumption. The salesmen say I need a light duty commercial system, so I've been looking at the Fleck 9000 or 9100 twin systems. Is this really worth the investment, given my water conditions? If so, what "upgrades" are needed (i.e. fine mesh resin, iron eliminator add on/res cleaner, etc)? Some suppliers quote a 5 cu ft system as 2 - 2.5 cu ft tanks, while others are selling 2 - 5 cu ft resin tanks with the same grain rating. What are the sizing calculations for a twin tank versus a single tank system? Also, I'd appreciate recommendations on iron filters, if you have any.

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    I recommend a chlorination/dechlorination system with a 120 gallon retention tank. Most iron filter medias are very heavy and your well may not produce the flow rate to properly backwash the media. If this happens, you will be back to square one in short order. Carbon weights about half that of the iron medias and removes oxidized iron very well. Follow that up with a water softener and you will have great water.
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