Ikea Odensvik Sink/Vanity with Non Ikea plumbing

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    Mar 27, 2018
    Sorry for yet another Ikea question…..

    I am trying to find a way to install the Ikea Odensvik sink/vanity using Non-Ikea plumbing. Their Rinnen plastic parts are not code here. If necessary, I will modify the drawers to accommodate pipes that extend beyond the allotted 4" space. I am [obviously] not a plumber nor do I have a decent command of the appropriate parts’ names so apologies in advance…

    In addition to figuring out how I will get my p-trap to attach to the sink, 1 of the many challenges is that I cannot use the Ikea Pop-Up Drain. Their Drain screws into the Rinnen shoe & I assume I won’t find a steel shoe that is compatible with this screw but this shoe also has the overflow connection.

    Can I use a dishwasher tailpiece to connect the overflow under the drain? And… This may be a really stupid question but since their overflow seems to bypass the pop-up drain & connect to the tailpiece, does that mean I need a pop-up without overflow?

    Thanks for any comments!
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