Hoping for input in setting up controlled/constant temperature water storage and distribution

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Hello vast peoples of the plumbing world, Im sure to some of you this will seem remedial, but I find myself at extent of my knowledge on this one, and hope some of you can shed some light for me. This is essentially an irrigation system that needs to have pressure/flow controlled, 72-74 degree constant temperature, purified, Ph balanced water. It starts with a basic pre-filter setup, into a point of entry (tunable) water deionization module, and pressure tank. From there I planned to split it into a chiller and an inline heater (both have reservoirs and independent recirculation) into an adjustable/programmable thermostatic mixing valve, into the holding tank. The holding tank recirculates back to the split, goes back through the valve and the process starts over again. But that wont work now that Ive added the chiller tank (at least I dont think, or not well anyway) so I was debating do I recirculate After them in the system? Only on the hot side? (That was my original answer but I was worried about the volume of chilled water being depleted too rapidly to keep up) So I apologize for this essay in advance, I appreciate all your time (for anyone who read this), and any help with placement of the pumps for recirculating, before the split, after the split, etc I am all ears and really hope I can make this set up work (or at least work well enough) or put a better alternative in its place, Im open to all suggestions/solutions to achieve the end result.