Homespring membrane integrity test

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    Aug 1, 2008
    Dealers won't give info & I don't blame them but I'm a do it yourself type of person & can't see paying someone for something I can do myself . I have purchased one of these units & done a lot of research on them . I found a pdf file that told me a lot but not everything .
    The unit came with special fittings that allow a drain hose to be connected to the inlet pipe & an integrity meter hose to be connected to the outlet pipe . To perform a membrane integrity test you turn off the shutoff valves installed in the inlet & outlet pipe . You then connect a drain hose to the special fitting in the inlet pipe . You then connect the integrity meter hose to the special fitting in the outlet pipe . The integrity meter puts air pressure in the membrane clean water side which is the outlet pipe . A set air pressure cannot displace water in membrane pores of a certain size due to surface tension of water to membrane . If defect in membrane exists or pores to large air will pass through .
    Integrity pass means very little air decay over 5 minuet hold time .

    That info comes from the G E Homespring pdf file I downloaded & tells me the integrity meter is a small air compresser that pressurizes the unit & reads air loss over the 5 minuet hold time . I don't see why I couldn't do the same thing myself with my air compresser & an air gauge . The thing I don't know & haven't been able to find out yet is how much air pressure is put in the unit to perform the integrity test . The system operates with at least 40 lbs water pressure & probably quite a bit more . I also don't know what the max water pressure for the system is .
    What are your opinions on whether I can perform the test myself as I have suggested & does anyone have any ideas concerning how much air pressure should be used or could be safely used to perform the test ? I am not going to pay a dealer to send a service person 200 miles to service this unit .

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