HELP: Grohe Grohtherm trim/rapido smart box leak

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    May 24, 2014

    We just had our bathroom remodeled. Contractor put in the Grohe grohtherm thermostatic trim with 3 way diverter using the rapido smartbox.

    Shower works great, but occasionally there is a drip from the bottom of the escutcheon. Enough that the tile in the shower gets wet and darkens - that is how we noticed it was happening. We go days without it happening, and then it might happen 2 days in a row. It seems to be random.

    We can't find any correlation as to why or when it is happening. Before/after shower use, periods of no shower use, weather/temperature (plumbing is in an interior wall), during use of sinks/other bathroom/washing machine/dishwaher/etc.

    Contractor said they pressure tested the pipes and there were no issues. They removed the trim and took a look and everything looked fine.

    This is probably totally unrelated, but back when we were under construction and the piping was just being installed, we had an issue where we couldn't get hot water in the bathroom next door to the one under construction. I can't remember what the issue was, maybe some circulation and mixing thing, but they fixed it easily. It just makes me think that there is some connectedness between the two bathrooms and maybe that could be part of this ???

    So, any thoughts on what we should do? They are coming back out, but because the problem is intermittent, it is hard to problem solve. We have pics and video, but it isn't really helpful. It shows water dripping down the tile from the trim.

    Thanks in advance!
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