gas meter code(s)?

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    May 8, 2010
    Ref. gas meter code req's. for an externally fixed meter. I've just read in another place claims that,

    One, 3/4" plugged test tee's are not typically required in the gas pipework immediately after the gas meter. If this is correct, then how do you test the installation?

    Two, that after the gas meter another isolator may be fitted that "enables the householder to lock off his gas piping, without interfering with the main shut-off just before the regulator/meter." This is in a single family residence, not a group of apartments or a commercial situation.
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    1) It depends on your provider. Here our provider, PG&E, puts the 3/4" plug after the meter so that they can hook up a temporary gas tank to your house if they need to shut down the main incoming gas service. As for testing, you need to remove the meter any way to either install the guage or cap the pipe so that you may install a guage at another outlet. 2) A shut off valve after the meter is up to the Administrative Authority. Some cities allow us to put in a shut off and some don't.
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  4. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    1. You do NOT test with the meter connected, and the plugged, (usually really a plugged bushing), tee is for them to test the pressure if they adjust the regulator.

    2. You can put auxilliary shutoffs anywhere you want them, HOWEVER, in some areas they use a meter that "locks out" if the gas is shut off to it. This is to let the gas company know if someone may have been working on the system, since you have to call them to have it reset, in which case the valve after the meter would eliminate the hassle.
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