Gas furnace short cycling/being weird

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Although the short cycling is not my biggest problem it's still a concern. A couple of months ago I had my brother replaced the thermostat in the house that I have rented for 8 years. It's the round Honeywell manual type. Worked great up until about 2 weeks ago when it started doing weird stuff. The first thing it did was when it would kick on for the Heat as it had been for days prior, the outside AC condenser came on. So I found a thread about that and I shut the breaker off inside to the AC condenser.
I noticed yesterday while I was outside that there's clicking noises coming from the AC condenser as if it's still trying to somehow turn that on. There is a box outside for the condenser that has either a breaker or some other such thing in it but I'm a little bit afraid to take that out of there myself.
In the other thread w/ a similar problem everyone told this person that shutting the breaker off to the AC condenser would be fine and it was okay to run the gas furnace this way. So is it?
I don't want to have to call my landlord if I don't have to. He's a nice guy but I'm a smart girl and I also can't take off of work for a repairman to come out. Landlord won't pay for after hour or weekend service calls.


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Don't know what they call them now but they were T87. A simple thermostat. What is the number on the stat and subbase if they use two numbers now? Heat R & W all u need with gas heat ,R,W and G electric maybe need a wiring diagram of the furnace or air handler.
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