Full Port Ball Valve in Sewer Line

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  1. Ernie Starnes

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    Dec 28, 2019
    Fruitvale, Texas
    I have a cabin in east Texas with an aerobic septic system. When I don't go there for several months, the water in the traps evaporate and I end up with odors form the septic system in the cabin. How wrong would it be to put a full port ball valve on the septic system side of the cleanouts?
  2. mliu

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    Feb 7, 2007
    While that would eliminate most of the odors, it won't eliminate all of the odors. The drain pipes and traps upstream of that valve are going to have some nasty gunk in them that will get smelly when the traps lose their seal. The open pipes will also provide a feeding/breeding ground for insects and possibly other vermin.

    The simplest and most effective solution would be to pour some RV antifreeze into each drain before leaving. It will not evaporate so your traps will continue to be effective. It's completely non-toxic and harmless to your septic system.

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