Extracting stuck partial thermostatic cartridge sleeve due to mineral deposits

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  1. keypocket

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    Oct 5, 2016
    I've been struggling with this thermostatic cartridge for some time now. I had to finally use a big screw extractor which worked on part of the sleeve but b/c of corrosion it snapped in half and the remainder of the cartridge is left in the valve housing. I've tried lots of vinegar, thread penetrant, etc. as well as so many tools I am at a loss. Screw extractors will not work b/c there's not enough room for them to seat into the end of the cartridge. I'm thinking it's a long arduous job for a small hacksaw blade unless anyone here has a secret solve. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    IMG_7546.jpg IMG_7545.jpg IMG_7544.jpg IMG_7462.jpg
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