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    My recently installed toilet is starting to show rust stains even though the water itself appears clear. Checking I have found that this is due to clear water iron.
    What would be the best solution for this problem. Present water softener is old and, I think, suspect. Is there a filter solution for this, at a reasonable cost?
    Will be getting the water tested this week and I guess the results will determine the method or treatment.

    Thanks for any help on this question.

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    You need to hear from Gary Slusser ...
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  4. Gary Slusser

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    It depends on how much hardness and iron is in the water but as long as there is enough hardness and not over 5 ppm of iron, a softener is the best choice. And since you already have one, you probably have enough hardness and since the softener is old, the resin may be sloughing off more iron than there is in the raw unsoftened water.

    Have you run any resin cleaner through it lately? If not mix a 1/2 cup of Iron Out or Super IO in a gallon of warm water, pour it in the brine tank and not through the salt if possible, and then add another gallon or two of water and wait two hours and do a manual regeneration.

    Do you know wha tbrand of softener or the control valve that is on yours? Most can be rebuilt in an hour or less and it isn't very expensive. You can also replace the resin.

    Take a water sample before the softener or by-pass it and flush the plumbing of softened water and then sample. Let us know the test results.
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