Birthright Citizenship?

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    I doubt your taxi driver won the lottery, rather he floated in on a plank to escape cholera in Haiti or Castro's special
    system of rich wealth distribution in Cuba. Maybe he can save up for a kayak and head for France next

    Those that won the lottery are free to keep their original citizenship and return to their land of taxes. The ones I know never look back and live good lives here.

    We do tax the rich, except they create shell corporations in ex-British protectorates and transfer the profits to dear, wonderful Switzerland, [Europe!]

    Switzerland made itself such a rich and superfraggidolicious mary poppins land by using their "neutrality" in the war to stockpile trainloads of Jewish gold sent there by their good buds in Germany. Since the German dream was defeated, and all the innocent taxpaying rich AND poor Jewish victims were now dust floating over the Alps, they were set for life with the blood spoils of war.

    You do not create such wealth with pocknetknives and aged cheese.

    Want to buy that taxi driver his own new company? Open the basements of the Swiss banks and pass that money out.

    You will never tax the corporate rich because their profit is a vapor that the average government joe has no clue how to find.

    We could do a VAT tax and just screw everyone equally.
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    Here is the solution. Warning: it may be too straightforward and easy to understand for some people.

    1. Are you here legally?
    A: If Yes: go to Question 2
    B: If No, your child being born is not here legally either and neither of you have the rights of an American Citizen. There are no driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, no welfare or medicaid and no tuition assistance either. If you want these, immigrate the legal way, period.

    2. What is your Legal Status?
    A: If Visa, your child being born is granted one of identical terms as well
    B: If Green Card, your child is granted one of identical terms as well
    C: If Naturalized Citizen, your child is a Citizen.

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