Bathroom Vent - What is best?

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    Nov 16, 2007
    I live in the northeast and have 2 story colonial. Upstairs bathroom is vented into attic (long piece of plastic tubing which is hung from rafters and pointed in the direction of the Eastern Gable Vent).

    We've never used the shower in the bathroom (or extremely rarely) because we didn't like the setup (venting in the attic). We have received a variety of suggestion for how to vent this out of the house.

    1) Vent directly (straight up) through roof (south side) using a rigid metal vent and insulating the outside of the vent. This vent would then be about 4 feet from eave. We do have some ice daming - does it make sense to install it so close to eave?

    2) Vent using rigid metal up the roof (south side) - but how much?

    3) Vent through soffit - I really don't like this solution based upon what I have read about it on other sites.

    4) Vent through the eastern side of the house- this would mean 10 - 12 feet of venting of some sort.

    I really like #1 the best as it is the shortest route - we aren't running the fan all the time (regarding ice daming).

    Your thoughts would be appreciated. Oh, yes, one more question - who is the best kind of person to install such a vent - electricians I've talked to seem to be rather ignorant of issues; roofers seem to have various opinions.

    - M. Clark
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