American Standard Princeton bathtub installation

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  1. Jay Cee

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    Mar 11, 2021
    Hi All,
    I have a question regarding the Princeton Tub from American Standard. The plumber was doing his fittings for the drain and had difficulty putting things together. He noticed a black composite ring attached at the drain location, that is fused to the tub, see photo. This ring is almost 1/2" thick and has spaced apart the drain shoe and drain flange. He is currently trying to source an elongated drain flange but I'm wondering why American Standard would make something not work with standard plumbing fittings. Are we doing something wrong???


    See how far the drain shoe is! The plumber says he’s “never seen anything like this in 25 years”, just want to make sure he’s not talking out of his butt. More importantly making sure we aren’t doing something wrong.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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  2. Tuttles Revenge

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    Oct 15, 2014
    Its likely that is an integrated Overflow. Its a special feature that connects the overflow to the drain. Its not very common and I've only installed Two about 15 yrs ago. I had to special order it to solve a complicated structural issue.

    My customer was so enamored with the idea that the drain of the tub drained directly to the p-trap that he wanted to install the same tub again on the next phase of his project. Then we mimicked the same setup with the installation of their clawfoot tub but in brass.

    • Exclusive Americast® technology for lightweight durability
    • Keeps water warmer longer
    • Integral overflow with lift and turn drain

    • Americast® engineered steel with glossy porcelain finish
    • Full Stansure™ slip-resistant floor surface
    • Factory installed overflow saves time and money
    • Recessed bath with integral apron
    • Integral 3-sided tile/water retention flange for easy installation
    • Integral lumbar support with beveled headrest
    • Pre-leveled tub bottom for easier installation
    • Drain stopper and escutcheon included
    • 10 Year Warranty

    OR.. if that isnt an integrated overflow, and its a thick black material.. that would be the Americast coating that gives that tub its more dense feeling. Its an epoxy coating that is applied to an enameled steel tub.
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