Air Vent Valve keeps leaking inside Alpine boiler

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2016 Burnham Alpine 210B- The air vent valve has a slight leak, has anyone else seen this?
I have replaced it 3 times since 2016 and about to do it the 4th time now. I tried taking it off and cleaning it but its no help, only a new one stops the leak for a bit of time (one season) and then it starts leaking again.
I have work that needs to be done this year finally (previous post on maintenance posted) upgrades will include bigger expansion tank, system flush. maybe a magnet filter and Spiro vent. Maybe sediment gets caught in it?
Observation: It probably has a slow drip when heating domestic but since I turned the heat on for the first time tonight it really started dripping. I noticed it because I had the cover off.
Update - replaced it today, and appears to be ok now. As usual though you mess with one thing and other things change, now the pressure relief valve started to drip a little bit. Also while it was running the pressure when up higher maybe because I had shut it down and de pressurized it? it was around 20 now it went up to almost 30. I turned off the thermostat once more let it sit for an hour and flipped the pressure relief valve a little bit in case sediment wasn't preventing it from closing, and its down to just a few drips and once I turned it back on the pressure hasn't gone up as high so probably ok.


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