Adding tee fitting to existing underground 4" PVC storm drain line

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I need to add a pop up drain to my existing storm drain (drains to street) as a secondary backup way of moving the water from my yard.

Can someone suggest a way to add a tee fitting to the existing line? I cannot move the line as it's buried.

I have an idea of how to do it, but I'm not sure it's the best option.

I don't think finding a tee fitting with male ends and then using 2 pvc couplers is an option. I can only find tee fittings with female ends.

Someone suggested using the flared/female end of drain pipe on one end of the tee as the coupler.



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I've done this quite a few times repairing PVC irrigation pipes and this is no different. Using a tee as a template, mark (sharpie pen) the main drain pipe at A and C of the tee. This is your reference points. Measure the distance from A to B on the inside to the internal stop (one side only). Take this measurement and subtract it from the A to C length. This is the measurement to cut the main drain pipe.

You may want to cut it about a 1/16-1/8 inch longer for wiggle room. Since there is no pressure from the water, PVC cement is really not needed at A & C but you can if your good and fast. If you want to seal it you can use silicone instead since it will allow you to move the tee around as needed. . Remove all burrs from the PVC cut so it is nice and smooth, use a little sandpaper. If you do it dry it maybe difficult to slide the joints over each other. You can use a little silicone grease or oil as a lube if you're not using PVC cement.

Take the tee at a slight angle to one end of the cut main pipe (C), the pipe will move a little if you dig around it a foot or two from the cut. Slide the tee all the way to the stop. The tee should now be straight and then slide the tee toward the A mark. The result will be the pipe will only be half way into the tee on both ends but since there is no pressure and it is in the ground, no harm. For the tee pop up connection I would use PVC cement.

I hope this helps.

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You install stubs of PVC pipe in the tee so that it essentially becomes a "male" tee. The fitting can be installed using a properly sized Fernco or similar coupling.

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