6 ounce frozen chuck steak+6 minutes in the Microwave on medium high=3 Am Delicious.

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    First off no criticism. If I want to hear that I'll talk to my wife.
    I know the perfect steak is on the grill, but when you don't have time give this a try.
    OK. I know this may be hard to believe, but I cooked a steak in the microwave last night and it was so good I did it again immediately after.
    The quick version:
    1 AM and hungry.
    Big frozen chuck steak in the freezer.
    Break off a chunk on the edge of the counter. (I have a massive cleaver, but can't stop imagining chopping finger off whenever I use it)
    Place on a dinner plate.
    Crack fresh pepper.
    Place in microwave on medium high for 5 minutes adding 1 minute for every ounce over 5 oz.
    If there is a piece of grizzle you want to be crispy make sure it is on the outer edge of the plate.

    Long version:
    1. Drink scotch.
    2. Realize how much you miss drinking scotch.
    3. Drink more scotch.
    4. Realize that you need food.
    5. See frozen steak.
    6. Follow above instructions.
    7. Go downstairs and skim coat grandpa's basement bathroom with spackle.
    8. Come back upstairs and turn microwave on for one minute more.
    9. Add A-1 and salt to taste.
    10. Be surprised how good it is.
    11. Repeat steps 1-10 until all the steak is gone.
    12. Wish you hadn't repeated steps 1-3
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