well filter iron

  1. J.Appleseed

    Iron filter and softener backwash smell in sump pit

    Hello I recently myself repiped my whole house in copper and installed a new pressure tank, 3 stage cartridge filter, iron reducing well filter, and softener. The filters backwash to my sump pit, which in turn discharges out the side of the house and to a drainage ditch at the road. I have a...
  2. The rookie

    Well water treatment system configuration.

    New home owner with well water quality issues and I’ve received a lot conflicting information. Water tastes and smells horrible. Stained toilets(yellow water) and hard water stains on everything. Thorough analysis of water from national testing lab. IRON- 1.01 mg/l IRON BACTERIA- IRB...
  3. AJAJ

    Chlorine Injector before Pressure Tank or After

    Hi All, I learnt a lot from this forum about 5 years ago. Now I have another one for the experts. I have well water with Clear Iron ( 3 ppm) and .03 ppm of Mn. Installed a single tank system with (Terminox) media in it - backwash daily. It did its job, water test met the code requirements...
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