water softener installation

  1. GoSavorLA

    Kinetico versus Clack

    I'm kind of surprised after comparing a couple companies, my favorites came down to a Clack system or a Kinetico system - both quoted to be around $5k. My area in Southern California: water hardness 12.8 GPG, Chloramine 0.78 PPM Clack was quoted for 1.5cu ft Clack, 1 in valve, 10% cross link...
  2. Vijayank

    Identifying drain and main water inlet to manabloc

    I’m trying to install a water softener in my garage, I’m confused with few things with the manabloc and if I am doing the right thing. The manabloc in my garage have what appears to be two cold water line, I’m hoping the one with the bigger diameter (PVC) is the cold water inlet and the PEX...
  3. Ed_D

    Fleck 5600SXT: replacement of Econominder head and change in resin tank size

    Hello, I appreciate the help of the many on this forum in terms of supporting people like me (somewhat clueless homeowner) and our water softener questions. I've gone through many of the posts and I think I have a good idea of what I need to do but would like a second (or third, or fourth...
  4. House

    Water Softener Vendors

    I read a bunch of post here about water softeners that have helped me decide on the following system. I would love if you folks can send me some recommended Vendors/suppliers (online or local) to buy the following system from. Looking to DIY a softner at my Round Rock, TX (City water) 1800sqft...
  5. TinTweak

    Looking for advice on choosing and installing a water softener

    Hello, I am new to this forum and looking for some advice on choosing and installing a water softener; as well as a carbon filter for chlorine and a RO system sometime down the line. Let me apologize in advance for my lack of understanding in the subject and say that I greatly appreciate any...
  6. Jonathan42

    Hague 13 BAQ Watermax Water Softener New Installation

    Hi guys. I like this site and see lots of great info. I inherited a Hague 13 BAQ water softener about 10 years ago that has been sitting in a closet and I'm ready to install it. I do my own plumbing with PEX and have been working on my house for maybe 14 years now ever so slowly. First...
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