wall-hung toilet

  1. K

    Wall hung toilet in 2x4 construction

    Hi: I have a wall hung toilet meant for a 2x4 wall. I recognize the that, in order for this to work, the 3" drilled hole for the waste pipe must be dead-on-center of the 2x4 plate , leaving only 1/4-1/8" on each side to spare. My plumber does not think it can go in the 2x4 wall. While not...
  2. Davie

    Switching to wall hanging toilet.

    My old standard toilet was plumbed directly into my 4" cast iron soil stack, and I want to replace it with a hall hanging toilet. I've picked up a sigma duofix carrier for 2x4 walls from Geberit. The old toilet was wet vented. This is the only toilet in the house. It's is on the second floor...
  3. Graystone

    Toto's new wall hung toilets: AP, MH, RP, EP - Feedback and Reviews

    I am looking at wall hung toilet options and have seen the Aquia get a lot of praise and reviews online. Toto has newer wall hung models, all now at 1.28 GPF vs the 1.6 GPF of the Aquia (and Maris). I have found very little (actually, no) detailed reviews online that compare them to the Aquia in...
  4. DOD

    Dual back-to-back tank-in-wall wall hung toilets in 6" wall

    Hello all, I have a mid-70's slab house with two small bathrooms separated by a 6" stud wall. I'm in Texas, and during Hurricane Harvey my home morphed into a U-Boat. I was looking at bathroom fixtures, and liked the residential wall-hung toilets because of the clean lines and the huge space...
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