valve seat

  1. A

    Help with a leaking “submerged” tub filler

    Hi there! I have a beautiful vintage tub set up that I would love to preserve as best as possible, however the tub filler is leaking and staining the basin of the tub. I had a plumber out to hopefully solve the problem but he cannot find the correct size “valve sit” for replacement. Does any one...
  2. LikeABigFriedEgg

    Repair kit for Brasscraft multi-turn right-angle valve?

    I would like to repair a Brasscraft 1/2" FIP x 3.8" compression multi-turn right-angle valve. The bib washer has dried and cracked and fallen apart. Can I get an overhaul kit for this valve? If I could get two or three kits for the price of a whole valve, I would rather do that than get a new...
  3. Neil.Steiner

    Tub spout still drips after valve + seat replacement

    An older 3-handle shower of mine developed a problem where even when the faucets are turned off, the spout would still drip a little, and I had to turn the faucets really tight to get the dripping to stop. My wife tells me the problem is mostly with the hot water faucet. I hired a plumber for...
  4. Jim Miesner

    No Toilet Flapper Valve Seat

    One of our toilets started leaking (I did the food coloring test and found it was leaking into the bowl). I replaced the flapper a couple of times but it's still leaking. Probably because the toilet is old and there is no flapper valve seat. You can see the inside of the tank here. The flapper...
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