toilet bowl

  1. Sam78

    Can't Figure Out What Toto Drake Bowl I Have

    My bathroom is undergoing a remodel and I'm hoping to replace my current Toto Drake toilet with an identical one in a different color (we have bone and the new one needs to be white). I know that it is a two-piece Toto toilet with a Tank Model Number of ST743S #03. I can't seem to figure out...
  2. WordGypsy

    Difficulty finding a type of sloped bowl toilet.

    I apologize for my lack of knowledge of wrongful use of any terms beforehand. I’ve had a trusty Eljer toilet for over a decade which needs to be sent out to pasture. I unknowingly had an elongated comfort height seat (16.5-17) all along. But my favorite thing about my toilet is the shape of the...
  3. Bklynchica

    Replacing rear spud flushometer bowl with top spud

    Hi, My NYC co-op apartment has an American Standard rear spud bowl that has a few issues (with bowl and flushometer). The previous owners renovated 6 years ago, but I don't think they replaced the toilet because I can't find it for sale, and there are stains on the inside bottom of the bowl that...
  4. Greg9840

    Toilet clogged - snake won't go down all the way

    Hi everyone, I have a clogged toilet and I am really looking to avoid having anyone come into my house due to the fact I live in a pandemic hotspot. But I'm not very handy. My toilet was completely clogged and plunging only helped a little, allowing it to slowly drain. Any time paper is used...
  5. yamaha_piano

    How to lower the water level in my toilet

    Hi there, I find that the water level in my toilet bowl (in my rented apartment) is too high and it causes unpleasant splashes. I did some googling, and found that the water level in the toilet bowl can be adjusted by adjusting the "fill valve" in the tank. Apparently, there is a screw I can...
  6. Cameron Fields

    Approaching company with new fixture design

    Hi everyone, I am back it has been a while since posting I have some good news and some questions. As some of you know, I have been working on a new toilet concept for many years. I had been searching for a drafter to draw up my plans to submit a patent. I could not find anyone, so I ended...
  7. Seattle Homeowner

    Toilet Issues with low flow Toto toilet

    I have a low flow model Toto toilet that I'm having issues with and I'm hoping someone can help. Our house was vacant for 3 months, during which time we turned off our water. When we got back, the toilet upstairs started flushing a little slow, and wasn't quite filling up the bowl after...
  8. Jose S.

    American Standard Champion 4 Mystery Part

    I am looking for some information to resolve a potentially shitty situation - pun intended. I removed my toilet to paint around it and do some minor maintenance and I *think* I discovered a problem? Pictured below is the bowl where the tank joins to it and there is a plastic piece in there. That...
  9. Donna Forrest

    Replace pipes

    Recently purchased small cottage (1200 sq ft) built in 1964. Hot water in bathtub is just a dribble. Other taps are ok - but cannot use water in multiple taps at the same time. New toilet installed 3 months ago - noticed discolored water in bowl. Looked in tank and found that a lot of rust...
  10. JulianCat

    What on earth is this?

    I'm in the process of changing the wax ring at the bottom of the toilet. I'm going for one of the cool Sani Seal green rings. The toilet is very old, but still works find. I had it upside down outside and was shaking the bottom of it to drain water from the bowl, and this black rubber thing fell...
  11. MyDucky

    Fill Valve assistance please!

    My husband isn't handy with plumbing and I'm undergoing chemo and shouldn't even attempt a plumbing DIY....... I noticed a week ago that my toilet was flushing fine, but the bowl wasn't filling up. I found the answer here on another post and checked my boys' toilet and sure enough the fill tube...
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