skirted toilet


    Toilet flange too high?

    I recently remodeled our master and tore out a very thick mud base tile floor. I am concerned that my old flange may be sitting too high for installing the kholer skirted toilet we selected. The skirted toilet flange would be floating in the back which I could shim but not sure that’s how they...
  2. DoseyDoe

    Frustrated about skirted toilet choices!

    We are seniors renovating our "family" bathroom. We are keeping the 26 year-old porcelain tile floor and not moving plumbing to save on costs. Problem is that we want a fully skirted toilet for easy cleaning but the water supply pipe comes out of the floor through a porcelain tile and is too...
  3. madmax6661

    TOTO ST412M Skirted Toilet Leak

    Hello Forumers, I have a Toto ST412M tank mounted on a CT412F bowl so it's a two-piece skirted toilet. It was running smoothly without any leaks until I decided to install a handheld bidet sprayer for various reasons. On most regular toilets, this wouldn't have been a difficult task because of...
  4. Aspiring DIYer

    Toto Drake or Kohler Corbelle (or something else?)

    I need to purchase three toilets for my first home, which I'm renovating before moving into. I was going to get Toto Drakes because my parents have them and love them, but I'd really like a skirted toilet. I've been eyeing the Kohler Corbelle, but I haven't found many reviews because it's so...
  5. ladylaw

    Need Help finding perfect toilet

    I am short. 5" on a good day :) I want a standard or regular (low) height toilet with a 12 inch rough in that is skirted. I would really like a 3 inch valve but don't know how desperately important this is. But need trap glazed and would really like bowl glazed. I don't want to have to deal...
  6. Steve N

    Trouble replacing valve in minimal clearance skirted toilet

    I am trying to replace a water inlet valve in a Toto skirted toilet, but whoever installed in did not consider the difficulty in unscrewing the water intake. I can fit my hand just barely where the intake unscrews, but I have not successfully fit a wrench back there. Is there any special kind...
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