shut off valves

  1. C

    Washing machine shut off valve

    Looking to replace older shut off gate valves at the washing machine (one of the valves leaks). Not sure if the existing connections are threaded or soldered (photo attached). Wondering if I can tackle this project on my own or need to call a plumber. Also, any recommendations for a shut off...
  2. L

    RO Auto-shutoff Valve with Widest Range

    Does anyone know of an automatic shutoff valve (ASV) for RO with a wide separation between ON and OFF pressures? The widest-range valve I find is the Hydronamic ASV-ERP, which closes at 90% of line pressure (and opens at 70%, anecdotally, because no specs). The 90% is ok, but I'm looking for...
  3. AlBundy

    Shutoff Valve for CPVC to PEX

    Since I am hearing PEX is the plumbing of choice these days I am thinking of converting some of the CPVC into PEX as I'm in the process of a bath remodel. This is all DIY not professional at all. I need to install shut off valves in crawl space as I am doing the remodel in phases so I won't be...
  4. Iitalnsd

    How to unstick the stop valves of a Moen shower?

    Hello, I need to substitute the cartridge of my old Moen pull-out shower handle that has become so hard to push back in that in the last attempt I broke the faceplate. The problem is that I live in a condo and I can't switch off the water to my apartment without affecting the whole column (which...
  5. Guy232

    Does my plan to replace CPVC stop valves/supply tubes sound correct?

    Hey fellas, I lurk this site quite a bit over the years and finally wanted to make an account. I have done some research and was wondering if anyone could double check if this is correct? Parents home: Manufactured double wide on a slab foundation, approx 15 years old Well water w/ properly...
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