1. okcRental

    Upstairs Saniflo bathroom in attic

    I am adding a room in my attic and would like to add a bathroom upstairs. I can get water supply there but the drain is the difficult part. I have an air vent from my downstairs laundry nearby I could tie the saniflo into but I worry about negative pressure issues on the ptraps below. I don't...
  2. Pisti

    Rerouting sink from Saniflo toilet to existing drain

    I have a Saniflo toilet in our basement and the bathroom sink is tied into it. I would like to change the drain pipe from the sink to drain into the existing plumbing so it doesn't drain into the toilet, which causes the toilet to flush often. Originally it was plumbed this way because Saniflo...
  3. Radio Flyer

    Need individual vents for shower & vanity connected to Saniflo toilet?

    I’m installing a Saniflo upflush toilet with shower and vanity connected. The shower trap arm will be shorter than 5 ft., and the pump unit will be vented as required. The folks at Saniflo told me that with trap arms that short, I don't have to individually vent the shower and vanity drain...
  4. RandyHans

    Saniflo horizontal run

    I’m installing a saniflo upflush toilet, going vertical 7’ before transitioning to a horizontal run of about 25’. My question is whether the entire run should remain the 1” line from the macerator before connecting to the main stack or can I use 1 1/2” ABS on the horizontal piece? I’m worried...
  5. Help me out

    Saniflo and sink vent

    I planning to install a 1/2 bath using a saniflo and have it mostly figured out plumbing wise but not sure about venting. The sink and toilet will drain into the saniflo. The saniflo will be vented. Does the sink need its own separate vent connection? If so, can I use an AAV on the sink. I know...
  6. tshannon

    Second Bathroom DWV Feedback (Isometric Schematic)

    Hello, I have made use of the professional advice goldmine on this forum many times in the past, but always by reading existing threads. With my latest plumbing project I figured it's time to post a thread of my own! I am firmly in the DIY class, and I would love advice from others out there...
  7. JackOfAllTrades

    Will a rear discharge toilet work here?

    Finishing a rehab of my home. The new master bath has sink plumbing, but no toilet plumbing (used to be the kitchen). Trying to decide if I should use a maceration/pump unit or if I can use a rear discharge toilet with existing setup. Current toilet is on the other side of existing wall and that...
  8. SoreThumbs

    Saniplus, venting a rear flush toilet?

    I'm installing a self standing rear flush toilet in a basement. The toilet will empty into a macerating ejector system (Saniflo or equivalent). The question is about venting. I know that the Saniflo vessel needs to be vented to atmosphere. The question is, does the toilet itself need a fixture...
  9. danny guill

    Saniflo or In Floor Grinder Pump

    Doing a new construction that will require a grinder pump for the basement bath. I have two options but am looking for the best service. Saniflo total system with comode and all but will require I raise the shower. A grinder pump installed in the floor during construction with all plumbing...
  10. arnie

    Opinions needed on Saniflo toilets

    I'm considering installing a Saniflo toilet in my cottage which will mainly be used on weekends in the summer. I'm considering the Saniplus and Sanicompact units. I'd like to hear from anyone who has used or had experience with these products or similar products.
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