pressure booster

  1. Wendell G Boyd

    Commercial plumbing

    I’m doing a job that requires 8 new commercial motion sensor toilets and 8 motion faucets. The pressure from main water line coming to the building is around 45psi to 50psi. I am to run 1” water lines for max pressure. I feel I may need more pressure running these commercial toilets. A pressure...
  2. sthayashi

    Quiet Pump for municipal water pressure boost

    Hello, TL;DR Looking for a QUIET pump to go with a PK1A Pside-Kick for a small family home. Long time listener, first time caller here. I've recently added another story to my house, which includes a full bathroom. Unfortunately, while I was expecting a tolerable shower output, it's a little...
  3. Nigel Ellis

    Water hammering when pressure pump runs

    Hi folks, First time poster here. I’m looking for some help in addressing a water hammering issue. This is not a new issue - we bought the house a while ago and have always experienced some kind of hammering going on. System setup: * In-ground pump that fills a holding tank *...
  4. Itamar Levin

    Best water pressure boosters

    we received two similar quotes for installing water pressure booster in our house. One quote would use the DAB SYBOX MINI and the other quote used the AMTROL 25GPM booster. Not sure how to compare but both look like good products. Any help with picking between the two would be helpful.
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