plumbing layout

  1. Ponti

    Help needed drain tiny bathroom

    Hello everyone, I’m currently in the process of transforming a closet into a small bathroom (approximately 36”x6’) and could really use some expert advice on the drain layout. I’ve attached a layout picture for reference, but I’m unsure if the proposed configuration makes sense. Specifically...
  2. C

    New Construction Second Floor Bathroom drain and vent layout.

    Attached is the layout for a second-floor bathroom. There is an adjacent laundry room. The bathroom drain will run through the exterior 6-inch framed wall. The 10-inch floor joists run perpendicular to the exterior wall. Also attached is a simplified one-line diagram of the proposed drain and...
  3. tom baier

    Toilet flush forces waste toward shower drain

    Plumber roughed in for new bathroom. Layout is vanity, toilet in middle, shower on other end of long narrow bathroom. The toilet drains directly into a T. We hooked up the toilet first . Found out the force of the flush pushes waste towards the shower drain which is upstream. This has lead to a...
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