1. thaumaturge

    Malfunctioning KL/O3 Iron Removal System Solved

    I post this in the hope it saves somebody else some time. TLDR: Inspect your O3 generator check valve. Problem: Previously working, roughly 1 yr old Katalox Lite + Ozotech EOG Iron removal system now passing iron on to the softener. I also (finally) noticed I was getting low voltage error...
  2. Tony Caciolo

    Iron Bacteria (IRB) in an old well. Plan on using Pentair/fleck 5812 valves

    Hello, I am a custom home and pool builder in PA and we are seeing more and more house with iron bacteria problems, including the home I am getting ready to build for myself. There is an old 35 gpm 100' deep well on the property (that was an old iron ore mine) so I'd expect a lot of iron in the...
  3. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Clack "5 button", EE, or EA for Katalox Lite with Ozone?

    Had discovered conflicting information on which Clack valve to use with Ozotech EOG for Katalox Lite. Sources differed in specifying either an EA, EE, or 5-button Clack valve. See final section at bottom. EE Argument: Ozotech's own website for the EOG specifically names the "EE board" as...
  4. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Ozone Injection Generators: Preferred makes & models?

    If I decide to go with a Katalox Lite iron-reduction system, I then must choose an ozone-generating unit. Not just AIO, but AIO3, owing to iron bacteria. I understand as follows, that: A) the UV variety have lower output but are less picky about low humidity; and also B) the electrical discharge...
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