new pump

  1. D

    Replacing submersible well pump any suggestions please

    Need to replace my submersible well water pump what size pump do I need? Well Depth 120ft, Casing Depth 82ft, Static Water 50, Diameter 4" looking for a good 1hp that will easily do like 20 gpm any recommendations please
  2. vlh

    Sediment, Electric? New Pump / No Water?

    Replaced the pump with Gould's Centri Pro, .5hp, 4" submersible, the wiring from the pump to the pressure switch, and the pressure switch (when the old pump repeatedly surged to no water, tripped the breaker, and more). The tank holds steady pressure. Now, the pump initially turns on, fully...
  3. Michael Minney

    New Tank & Pump but still short cycling???

    My Flotec 30 gallon tank's bladder went and the tank was rusty so I purchased a Wellmate Pentair WM-9, 30 gallon fiberglass tank. I decided to purchase a new pump as well, seeing my pump was used 11 years ago when I moved into the house. I bought a 1hp Eco-Flo EFCWJ10. I replaced the tank...
  4. Jaclin Hicks

    No well water. HELP!!

    Ok. So we would occasionally lose water but it always came back after a little bit. We replaced the pressure tank, pressure switch and the well pump (submersible). Lo and behold, no water AGAIN (after 2 short showers) Can anyone tell me what is happening as I’m about to lose my mind! When we...
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