1. B

    Combi or Heat pump?

    These days does it make more sense to upgrade my failed combi with another combi or go boiler only (less BTUs) and add in a heat pump water heater?
  2. Kevin_IL

    NPE-240A Exhaust Oil/Corrosion Issue

    We keep getting a 110 error which is an issue with air flow on the exhaust side it seems. I checked the exhaust pipe and for some reason it sounds like we have some water in there which may be causing a slight blockage in the exhaust pipe. Im sucking that little bit of water out to see if that...
  3. Swrobel

    Navien + NaviCirc + tank water heater = can it work?

    We recently purchased a 3-story duplex, and each unit had its own tank water heater, leading us to believe that the plumbing was separate for each unit. The heater on the 3rd floor of the upper unit (ours) was due for replacement, so we had our plumber replace it with a tankless Navien...
  4. J

    New Navien Tankless. Cold line feels hot and hot line feels cold.

    I hired a plumber to install a Navien 240a2. When I run the hot water in one my showers or faucets and then inspect the unit, the line labeled "HOT" feels cold and the line labeled "COLD" feels hot to the touch. The red valve is connected to a terminal that is labeled HOT The showers and...
  5. B

    Navien NPE2040A2 control

    Hi. We are deploying a number of the NPE-240A2 units and we were hoping to have the control by 30022717B(remote physical switch) as well as Navilink. We see the ability to have (2) 30022717B installed in parallel but not the option to have one 30022717B and one Navilink on the same NPE-240A2...
  6. Swrobel

    NPE-A2 & Navicirc - how do I tell if it's working?

    I have an NPE-210A2 and installed a Navicirc at the farthest faucet in the house from the water heater. I set it to external recirculation, moved the internal switch to external, and set NO below to use the internal pump, and set the recirc mode to "always on." Looking at the history on the...
  7. Gordy67

    Navien NCB 180-E Professional Installation Not Matching Manufacturer Guidance

    I had a Navien NCB-180E Combi Boiler installed several years ago. Recently problems have developed with overheating combustion chamber, error code 001, and shutdown. The professional installer replaced the circulator pump in the unit as indicated by Navien customer support. The problem resolved...
  8. Kaidran

    Unusual Navien 003E Code + Solution

    Hi Everyone, I have just worked through a 003 error code, which was not supported by the Service manual. I could not find any record of this online so I thought I'd share in case anyone else sees the same problem. The point - the 150V supply from the transformer will mean the flame rod...
  9. NPE-240a2 4me

    Navien NPE-240A2 w/NaviCirc - when recirc feature is enabled, SCALDING hot water from showers when handles are moved to cold to warm.

    I've had a Navien NPE-240A2 installed since May with a NaviCirc at the end of my house. The unit does NOT have a T off the cold water line to the recirc inlet. The internal valve is set to EXT, the control panel is set to EXT with NO external pump. The recirc feature works as expected...
  10. Calibretto

    "WWSD On Diff" - How it Works - Navien NCB 240-110H

    I recently had the Navien NCB 240-110H installed in my home and I'm trying to decide on the appropriate setting for "WWSD On Diff". The only info in the manual on this setting is on p. 107: "Set the differential temperature to deactivate the Warm Weather Shutdown." Link to the manual PDF...
  11. Q

    Navien NPE-240A and HotButton - DIP switches and parameters

    Re: Navien NPE-240A, Internal Pump Only, External Recirculation and DIY install of HotButton (PZZZ-00046). The HotButton Installation Manual does not mention DIP switch settings. It specifies one parameter setting: P.12 (HotButton pump cycle time). Q1: Should I leave DIP switches 1, 2 and 3...
  12. Dobson

    Help with return water dip switch settings (Navien NCB 240e)

    I’ll keep this as short as possible. I’ve read the manual and scoured the internet and have yet to find a clear answer here. I have a brand new Navien NCB 240e that so far has given me nothing but problems. However, I’m slowly finding out that my problems are from an incompetent installer and...
  13. Joe B

    How to properly use / configure Navien hydronic system

    Hi, Should a Navien hydronic heating system turn on and off four to five times an hour? I am living in a place with a Navien CH-240 that drives domestic hot water and an in-floor, six-zone hydronic heating system. The hydronic system uses PEX tubes under a concrete floor. I have only ever had...
  14. Mike_90503

    Navien NPE-240A Water Temperature Problem

    Hello, I checked through this forum, but couldn't find anything that seemed to address my problem. Here are the details of my issue, what I have done to address it, and finally, my questions. Water heater details: Navien NPE-240A Installed December 2013 External re-circulation loop installed...
  15. braindrain22

    Navien NCB 240e Combi Intermittent Short Cycling

    Hi everyone, Aside from the internal circulating pump failing in September, the unit has been running without issue since its install 5 years ago. Everything was in order during my annual service 3 weeks ago by a Navien certified plumber. Starting 2 days ago, I noticed the thermostat calling...
  16. Seth Rieder

    Need help dialing in Navien NCB-240E Combi boiler

    I am curious what the best settings for my system would be as the installer has been less than helpful. This is our second winter here and after heating the house last year with the in floor it didn’t like to keep up in the very back corner of our house which happens to be the master bedroom. I...
  17. Pmd5700

    Navien NPE-240A and NaviCirc Installation Question

    Hello, I just had my Navien NPE-240A (EDIT: It's actually an NPE-240A2) and NaviCirc installed today. First time tankless user. I was reviewing the manual and installation after they left, and I don't think they have the NaviCirc hooked up properly, and I want to confirm before I call them back...
  18. KevinL

    Navien NPE 240 A2 Flame Loss

    Hi All, I have a Navien NPE 240 A2 that was installed 3 months ago. I've noticed that in the mornings/first time I call for hot water the tankless will go through 4 short cycles before stabilizing and delivering hot water. The odd thing is the flow says 4.4-4.8 gpm which is inaccurate as I'm...
  19. Mike Drew

    Help Troubleshoot Monoflo ModCon Retrofit

    Hello! Apologies in advance for the long post, and thank you so much for any help provided! My home has 10 main floor radiators and 1 basement radiator, all cast iron and all fed by a monoflo system. We just had an old 1940's radiator (roughly similar to this one) replaced by a Navien NHB-80...
  20. DCouncil

    Navien NPE-240A2: Dedicated Recirc seems to make water cooler

    Hello, I recently updated my aging NR240A with a NPE240A2, and immediately it was a better experience. Water heats faster at fixtures, the fan noise is significantly less, principally in the 'post-purge' phase. After about a week of having it installed, i decided to create a dedicated hot water...
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