1. Chris R-basement finisher

    Water chugging by meter

    Chugging noise with sprinklers running: I’m getting some chugging despite having the water meter replaced and the sprinklers all checked out. Happens with high water appliances such as running a bath or irrigation like in the video. Not sure if this is considered water hammer or not, but feels...
  2. Brandon Kelling

    Water Main Using PEX ??

    Any help is appreciated; while working under my house I found that my water in was dripping at the white coupling so I decided to tighten it ....which that fixed the leak. My Question is; what is the valve shown with the red arrow ? is it necessary ? The yellow arrow is pointing at what I...
  3. Tammy Jones

    Pipe dope on main water lines?

    I have a leaking faucet ( please see the pic below ). It's slow drip that only occurs when the water is turned on. The faucet shown in the picture screws into a brass housing which is located behind the wall. I've tried tightening it up and adding Teflon tape, but doing both have not fixed the...
  4. Jackson882

    Irrigation. Tap into main line

    I am wanting to install a sprinkler system at my house. I have 3/4 PEX coming from water meter into my house. I was wondering the best way to tap into this line. I want to run PVC for the sprinkler system so I will need some sort of 3/4 PEX fitting with a tee for the PVC to run off of. Can...
  5. Zane Bridgers

    Water Supply Line Crossing Under Sewer Line

    Hey folks, Had a question come up about the main water supply line crossing below the main sewer line. The situation is as follows: Sewer line to septic is 3" PVC @ 18" depth coming through the foundation. Water supply line is 1 1/4 250 PSI Poly @ 5' depth and crosses under the sewer at ~45*...
  6. cubs1992

    Softener Drain into Main 4" Line

    Hello! Currently I have my water softener draining into my floor drain with an air gap and that floor drain connects to the ejector pit. Every time my softener regenerates the pump needs to run almost the entire time during regeneration. I do not like relying on this pump to prevent overflow...
  7. waefish

    Replace Gate valve (no pipe slack)

    Hi Terry, I need to replace two gate valves in my home. One valve is locked up, and the other appears to have a broken stem. The regulator can be remove but there is no play in the pipes that will allow me to separate and reconnect the joints. The two pipes that feed outdoor faucets exit to...
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