horizontal wet vent

  1. S

    Basement Bathroom Group Horizontal Wet Vent with AAV

    This is my first post to this site- I've read a lot of valuable information on here so I figured I would try to get an answer to my question. I live in the upstate of South Carolina. Also, for reference in the attached picture, the left of the picture is where the vertical stack is located that...
  2. LetMeVent

    Help Venting Freestanding Tub

    We are currently undergoing a master bath remodel, and want to confirm my plan for venting the new freestanding tub. The previous bathroom configuration had a corner whirlpool tub framed to abut a single vanity along each side, and the tub drain was wet vented to the lav in the vanity along the...
  3. Arca

    Plumbing New Bathroom - Horizontal Wet Vent

    Hello everyone. I have been lurking here and have learned quite a bit, thank you. I am renovating our master bedroom, starting over from a gut job. I will be plumbing in a new tub, shower, toilet and double vanity. I have read up on wet venting and would like to share my plan with you all to...
  4. Stereo

    Horizontal wet vent

    Regarding horizontal wet venting, the 2018 IRC P3108.1. says, in part, “Each fixture drain show connect horizontally to the horizontal branch being wet vented OR shall have a dry vent.” Can the drain of a lavatory downstream of the start of a horizontal wet vent (with additional fixtures...
  5. Stereo

    Please check my plumbing plan

    I would appreciate a double-check of my plumbing schematic (see crude drawing) for the addition of two 3/4 baths with a common wall. I need to keep the upper portion of the horizontal drain closer to the joists to clear a hot water heater vent connector but I then need to drop the branch to...
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