1. Richard Haven

    Washer/dryer GLGH1642FS5 (seems the same as Frigidaire front-loader) - washer now comatose

    (If appliance questions are inappropriate, please delete this) The current status is: Dryer works fine Washer light comes on when activated (i.e. pull the knob out) Washer does not Fill with water Rotate Drain (based on sound) I'm looking for information to help me find the pump (IC) board...
  2. LikeABigFriedEgg

    Correct fuses for kitchen range and 50A circuit

    Hey everybody. I was inspecting the fuses for my kitchen range, and I'm not sure about whether they are the correct fuses. One is marked "BUSS NON 60 amp ONE-TIME FUSE". The other is "BUSS 35 AMP no. 25035 ONE-TIME FUSE" I expected them to both be 50 amps, but I don't really know what to...
  3. BarbP

    Electrical fuse line issues

    I have an old style screw in fuse panel 100 amp copper wires. One our last electical bill showed enormous amount of electricity used. We finally isolated it to one fuse in the panel. It uses about 50 kwh per day when the fuse is in and 0 kwh when taken out. (We traked it online). We followed...
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